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Telemarketing & Telesales Services From Cultivation Marketing

Developed to support your own resources, our targeted telemarketing/telesales campaigns are aimed at providing you with the relevant information required best suited to the activity you wish to undertake. We cover all general outbound telemarketing services such as , Event Invitation, Market Research and Database Verification. We have the ability to tailor specialist campaigns in accordance with your particular needs and requirements.

Our expert telemarketers use their skills to make contacts on your behalf, specifically trained, they can open the right doors and gain the relevant information to make your campaign a success.

Our telemarketing services will help you to establish that vital first contact, working under your company name, we will approach your prospects to qualify their details and establish the correct cause of action.

The telephone offers a fast accurate and personal way to interact with your clients or potential clients, in a way that no other communication medium can. Cultivation Marketing Ltd have the experience and resources to successfully develop, execute and manage your outbound telemarketing campaign.This then guarantees you the most accurate result possible.

To find out how Cultivation Marketing Ltd can help you excel, call our team of experts on 0808 180 9393.


Data Verification can be key to any kind of marketing you undertake. Establishing who is responsible for buying particular products or services within a company, confirming correct address details or just making sure the company still exists.


Cultivation Marketing can conduct Market Research programmes of any type or nature i.e. clients buying habits, potential needs and wants, customer satisfaction, geographical reasons, testing of new products or services. Almost anything can be garnered by use of the telephone. Call free to find out how Cultivation Marketing Ltd can help you; 0808 180 9393.


Ensuring your event is a complete success is extremely important, calling potential attendees to gain interest in attending a particular event doesn’t always guarantee full attendance. Planning with any event is key. Firstly phone call to establish interest, mailing of invitation to attend lastly follow up to confirm catering, seating & numbers. These are the sure fire ways your event will go with a bang.