Ignore telemarketing at your peril

In the age of digital marketing, it has been said that telemarketing is a tool of the dinosaurs. It’s extinct, not relevant, or not effective.


In fact, the opposite is true. Think about it – we live in a very impersonal age so, if you do it right, the personal touch really can get good results in the B2B world. Telemarketing is a key weapon for B2B brands, particularly as a means of nurturing prospects so that you win new business.


So how can you make sure you get telemarketing right, to get the results you want?


How to make telemarketing work for you


Let’s look at a few of the reasons that telemarketing campaigns fail, and how you could avoid these pitfalls.


  • Reason #1 – Not calling the right people


Also known as, lack of segmentation.

You wouldn’t send an un-segmented email campaign so why should it be OK for telemarketing campaigns? Investing in up-to-date, targeted telemarketing data lists so you can be sure you’re calling the right people will make all the difference.

  • Reason #2 – Not collecting data

So you’ve invested in a telemarketing data list – but don’t stop there. Not every call will get you the result you want, however it’s still a great opportunity to add richer data to the list you’ve bought. If you always add more data every time you call, you start to gain a deeper understanding of what your customers and prospects need and want.


  • Reason #3 – Not having clear goals

This is true of many marketing campaigns, whether via telemarketing, direct mail or email. Don’t start your campaign until you know what you want it to what it is you would like to achieve.


  • Reason #4 – Not being creative

Just because a telemarketers’ script is not visual, it doesn’t mean that they should not spend time on making it creative. After all, it is a marketing campaign and creativity has always been at the heart of marketing success.


  • Reason #5 – Not making changes

One of the key routes to success in any marketing campaign in any media is seeing what works and what doesn’t, and tweaking accordingly. If you just keep plugging away saying the same old thing when it’s clearly not working then you’re not going to be happy with the results.


Things to remember

To ensure success from your next telemarketing campaign:

  • Segment your data list.
  • Collect more data on every call.
  • Make sure you know what you’re trying to achieve.
  • Have a great script.
  • Adapt what you’re doing in line with what each call teaches you



Ignore telemarketing at your peril